Reef was born in 1984 out of an idea by Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, entrepreneur brothers from South America with a love for surf travel and adventure, and a passion to create a high-quality active lifestyle sandal. To bring their vision to life, the brothers moved to Southern California to manage the Reef brand, and set up production in Sao Paulo Brazil to produce the iconic sandal that catapulted Reef into a leader in open-toe footwear.


At the beginning of the 20th century Scotsman Robert Fraser arrived in Brazil and began manufacturing flip flops based on the traditional zori sandals brought to the country by Japanese immigrants. By 1958 he had developed the rubber version known as Havaianas – a name that he trademarked in 1962. At the centre of Havaianas’ success is this formula: wherever they are based: a dedicated, persistent and committed group of people create an innovative product that is genuinely meaningful for customers.